c. Connect to Pcluster Manager

  1. Got to the AWS Console, in the search box search for AWS CloudFormation and click on that service.

  2. You’ll see a stack named pcluster-manager, click on that stack > Outputs Tab then click on the PclusterManagerUrl to connect.

Pcluster Manager Deployed

  1. During deployment you received an email titled [PclusterManager] Welcome to Pcluster Manager, please verify your account.. Copy the password from that email.

Pcluster Manager

  1. Enter the credentials using the email you used when deploying the stack and the temporary password from the email above.

Pcluster Manager CloudFormation Stack

  1. You will be asked to provide a new password. Enter a new password to complete signup.

Signup Screen

Congrats! You are ready to create your HPC cluster in AWS. Let’s do that in the next section.