a. Create a Cluster

HPC6a Instance

In this section we’re going to use PCluster Manager to create a cluster from a sample template we’ve provided.

We’ll be using the hpc6a instance, an AMD EPYC Milan based instance designed specifically for tightly coupled HPC style workloads. The instance has the following specs:

Instance Size Cores Memory (GiB) EFA Network Bandwidth (Gbps) Network Bandwidth (Gbps)* On-Demand Price
hpc6a.48xlarge 96 384 100 25 $2.88
  1. Click Create Cluster Button

  2. Name the cluster weather and select Template. On the next step you’ll be prompted to provide a file, download the template linked below and select that when prompted:

Download Template

Cluster Wizard

On the next few screens, we’ll modify the account specific components and leave the rest as specified by the template.

  1. Select a VPC from your account

Cluster Wizard

  1. Select a Subnet, ensuring the subnet is from the Availibility Zone ID use2-az2, and select a Keypair from your account (optional)

Cluster Wizard

  1. Select the same Subnet from the previous step

Cluster Wizard

  1. Click Dry Run to confirm the setup and then click Create

Cluster Wizard