f. Install NCL

  1. Next we’ll install the NCAR Command Language (NCL). We will use NCL to visualize the output in the next few sections.
spack install ncl^hdf5@1.8.22
Spack Flag Description
ncl Install the NCL package.
^hdf5@1.8.22 Pin the HDF5 dependency at version 1.8.22.

This will take about 4 minutes to complete.

  1. To test and make sure ncl is setup correctly.
spack load ncl
ncl -h

You should see the following output:

Usage: ncl -fhnopxsPQV <args> <file.ncl>
         -f: use new file structure and NetCDF4 features when possible
         -h: print this message and exit
         -n: don't enumerate values in print()
         -o: retain former behavior for certain backwards-incompatible changes
         -p: don't page output from the system() command
         -x: echo NCL commands
         -s: disable pre-loading of default script files
         -P: enable NCL profiler
         -Q: turn off echo of NCL version and copyright info
         -V: print NCL version and exit
  1. We will also set our default NCL X11 window size to be 1000x1000.
cat << EOF > $HOME/.hluresfile
*windowWorkstationClass*wkWidth  : 1000
*windowWorkstationClass*wkHeight : 1000