d. Visualize Results

In this next section, we’re going to visualize the results of the job we just ran using NCL. Please complete the steps in Preparation and Part 1: Create an HPC Cluster before proceeding, as the f. Install NCL step installs NCL.

  1. Connect to the Head node via DCV, following instructions from part b. Connect to the Cluster

  2. In a terminal navigate to the WRF run directory.

cd /shared/conus_12km
  1. The provided ncl_scripts/surface.ncl script will generate two plots of surface fields at valid time 2019-11-27 00:00. Use the space bar to advance to the next plot.
spack load ncl
ncl ncl_scripts/surface.ncl

Surface temperature Surface dew point

  1. Generate a vertical profile of relative humidity (%) and temperature (K).
ncl ncl_scripts/vert_crossSection.ncl

Surface temperature