b. Supercell Test Case

In this section, you will go through the steps to run a supercell test case on AWS ParallelCluster.

Download supercell test case

The supercell thunderstorm is an idealized test-case on the Cartesian plane. The test-case includes an MPAS mesh file, mesh decomposition files for certain MPI tasks counts, a namelist file for creating initial conditions and a namelist file for running the model.

cd /shared
curl -LO http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/projects/mpas/test_cases/v7.0/supercell.tar.gz
tar xf supercell.tar.gz

Create a decomposition graph

We need to create a decomposition graph for the number of MPI ranks that we will run MPAS on.

  1. Install METIS a graph partitioning program. This will take ~5 minutes.
spack install metis%intel
  1. Create a graph for the number of MPI ranks we will run MPAS on.
cd supercell
spack load metis%intel
gpmetis -minconn -contig -niter=200 supercell.graph.info 32