a. Install UFS

Now that we’ve built a cluster, let’s install UFS:

We’re going to install UFS on the HeadNode, we’re able to do this as the architecture of the HeadNode instance type, c6a.2xlarge, matches the compute nodes so Spack does the correct microarchitecture detection. In most other cases it makes sense to install on compute nodes.

spack install -j $(nproc) ufs-weather-model%intel^intel-oneapi-mpi+external-libfabric

The command spack install -j $(nproc) ufs-weather-model%intel^intel-oneapi-mpi+external-libfabric tells Spack to install UFS using the latest version in the Spack recipe. It passes some build flags:

Spack Flag Description
-j $(nproc) Compile with all cores on the instance.
%intel Specify the Intel Compiler (icc) we installed in e. Install Intel Compilers.
^intel-oneapi-mpi+external-libfabric Uses Intel MPI which we added in e. Install Intel MPI

This will take about 1 minute to install. While that’s installing feel free to advance to the next step and pull down the simple test case.