b. Simple Test Case

In this section, you will go through the steps to set-up the simple test case on AWS ParallelCluster.

Download simple test case

The simple test case is a 24 hour forecast starting at 2016-10-03T00:00 UTC. It is a global mesh with resolution of C96 (~100 km), the test case also uses the CCPP physics suite FV3_GFS_v15p2. The NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory website provides more information about FV3 and its grids. Further information on the parameterizations in the suite can be found on the CCPP website.

cd /shared
curl -LO https://ftp.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/EIB/UFS/simple-test-case.tar.gz
tar xf simple-test-case.tar.gz