d. Visualize Results

In this next section, we’re going to visualize the results of the job we just ran using NCL. Please complete the steps in Preparation and Part 1: Create an HPC Cluster before proceeding, as the f. Install NCL step installs NCL.

  1. Connect to the Head node via DCV, following instructions from part b. Connect to the Cluster

  2. Download an NCL script for plotting the results of the forecast.

curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/ufs-community/ufs-mrweather-app/files/plot_ufs_sfcf.ncl
  1. Change the output format of the plots from PNG to X11 and the input file from sfcf to phyf with the following sed command.
sed -i 's/png/x11/; s/sfcf/phyf/' plot_ufs_sfcf.ncl
  1. Create the plots of the forecast at 24 hours.
spack load ncl
ncl plot_ufs_sfcf.ncl 's="024"'

2 metre temperate Total precipitation